Bed Sheets – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ ) 

How to determine quality of bed sheets ?

Consumers usually buy bed sheets based on color or print pattern. This may be the most noticeable feature, but 1) Thread Count , 2)Type of Fabric (cotton / polyester) and 3) Color fastness are three most important qualities in determining  a good quality of bed sheet

What is Thread Count (TC) and what is a good thread count bed sheet to buy ?

Thread Count means number of threads per square inch of fabric. The higher the number of threads means finer and higher the quality the fabric.

A consumer must buy minimum 140 Thread Count Bed Sheet.

Thread Count between 200 and 300 are highly recommended.

Bed Sheets over 300 Thread count are high quality & comfort & generally tag  under luxury segment.


 What are the kinds of fabrics used in bed sheets ?

Bed Sheets are predominantly made in 100% Cotton, Polyester), CVC (Chief Value Cotton, Rest material being Polyester or some other fiber) or 100% Polyester fabric. Cotton being a natural fiber is the best material for bed sheets.

What are the benefits of cotton bed sheet ?

100% cotton bed sheet provides superior comfort. It also absorbs moisture from the body during sleep. Cotton being a natural fiber is always good for sleep. Most of our bedding range consists of 100% Cotton fabric.

What is Mercerized fabric ?

Mercerizing is a process by which cotton fibers are treated in a fashion that gives the fibres more lustre and strength. Mercerizing also increases color fastness of the fabric. Fabric that goes undergoes Mercerizing process is referred as Mercerized fabric.

What is the difference between Flat & Fitted sheet ?

Bed sheets come in two main types:

  1. 1.Flat sheet
  2. 2.Fitted sheet

A flat sheet is simply a rectangular sheet of cloth. In western countries a Flat Sheet is used as a top sheet (blanket) while in India a Flat Sheet is used to put on the mattress.

A fitted sheet has its four corners fitted with elastic primarily used to be put on the mattress. It is an alternate way and substitute for a flat sheet in India. A customer can use a flat sheet or fitted sheet as per their preference.


How much do bed sheets shrink after wash ?

Typically, after the first wash, cotton bed sheet shrinks around 3-5% and then, in subsequent washes, shrinkage minimizes. Generally, after four washes the bed sheet does not shrink. We build shrinkage in to the measurements of our bed sheets and pillowcases hence ensuring that post washing, our products fit properly.

What comes in a bed sheet set ?

Our Double bed sheet has one double size bed sheet &  two pillow covers where as a Single Bed sheet has one single size bed sheet & one pillow cover.

What are the sizes of bed sheet sets in India ?

In India, There is as such no standardization. However Most Companies have size bifurcation like this


Dimensions (in inches)

Dimensions (in feet)

 Super King size Bed sheet

108” x 108”

9 feet x 9 feet

 King Size Bed sheet

90” x 108”

7.5 feet x 9 feet

 Queen size bed sheet

90” x 100” or 84” x 94”

7.5 feet x 8.3 feet Or 7 feet x 7.8 feet

 Single size bed sheet

60” x 90” or 54” x 86”

5 feet x 7.5 feet or 4.5 feet x 7.2 feet

 Pillow cover

18” x 28”

1.5 feet x 2.3 feet

Do we cater to individual requirement ?

You are very valuable to us. We will make all efforts in catering to your requirements even if they are custom made sizes. Please send your requirement through whatsapp +91-6376946776 .