Care and Maintenance Tips for Bedsheets.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Bedsheets.

Cotton Bedsheet

The bedsheet you spread on your bed defines the beauty of your home. As we all know, the bedroom is the most important part of a house. If your bedroom is pretty and well-maintained, that means your house is up to the mark. Choose the right quality and design of bedsheet for your bedding.

Jaipur To Home is an Indian clothing and home care brand that makes the best bed sheets ever. The fabric is 100% cotton, which is a top-class material. The bed sheets are hand-printed, and the colours are solid and sturdy, so they won't fade after washing. There is a vast variety of designs, colors, and sizes from which you can choose what is best for you according to your preference. Each set has a one-bed sheet that is stitched from both sides and two pillow covers, which makes it a complete and beautiful set.

Here are some tips for the care and maintenance of bedsheets:

  1. Always wash your bed sheets separately. Do not wash the sheets with other clothes that are darker in colour. Separate washing will make sure that the colours are not damaged and the sheets remain like new ones.

  2. Use water that is moderately warm. not too hot or too cold. Using normal to lukewarm water will make sure that the fabric of the bedsheet is intact and not harmed during the washing process.

  3. Always use a mild detergent. Try to avoid detergents that contain bleach or other harmful chemicals, as they can result in discoloration of the bedsheets.

  4. Let the bedsheet dry on its own, and you can iron it when it is slightly damp. This way the bedsheet will remain wrinkle-free, and it will fit perfectly on your bed.

  5. Once you are done with washing, drying, and ironing, store your bedsheets in a cool, well-ventilated room. There should not be any type of moisture so that the bedsheets remain nice and beautiful. 

Buy bedsheets from Jaipur To Home for your home as well as gifting purposes also. It is the best gift option if you go to a housewarming party given by your friends and family members. Make sure you choose the right size and colour options according to your room and choose a design that will go well with and complement your decor. Buy a bedsheet from us for your home and get an unlimited amount of satisfaction and happiness. For more information visit the website-

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